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Best Designes Of Peter Alexander

Best Designes Of Peter Alexander

1965 -
The year he was born.
1987 - The pyjama game starts on his mom's dining room table.
1988 - PJs sold in every big department store in Australia.
1990 - First mail order PJs reaching the 4 corners of the globe.
1992 - Won Australian designer of the year.
1996 - Delightfully astute American buyers discover his fab PJs.

1997 - his beloved Penelope arrives on the scene and becomes his brand mascot.
2000 - Join Australian retail giant The Just Group.

2004 - My first standalone store opens to instant celebrity sucess.
2005 - Sadly Penelope goes to doggy heaven.
2006 - Feeling a little Angelina Jolie I adopt 2 new furry friends betty and butch.
2007 - I celebrate 20 years of sleeping around!.

2008 - California dreaming Peter Alexander launches in the US.
2009 - Katherine Heigl & I design PJs together to help raise $$$ for dog shelters!
2010 - Peter launches stores in New Zealand!
2012 - Peter launches stores in New Zealand!

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